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Playlist of the series: GoGet Funding Olive Farm Hideaway Cyprus

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The links of this series:

Restoration of farm building on our Homestead in Cyprus – (Part 1): https://youtu.be/ZELRRLlHUjA

PART TWO of our GO GET FUNDING farm building renovation: https://youtu.be/bEHQP2Wc1do

GO GET FUNDING – Community Project with Airbnb Accomodation (Part 3): https://youtu.be/KsFY6z81sH8

Restoration and renovation of Go Get Funding Community project (Part 4) – Roof and beyond:

Rebuild and renovation of old stable. Work Away to help finish our Go Get Funding project (Part 5) : https://youtu.be/bKGLF7L9iTA

Continuing with our Homestead Outbuildings Builds and Renovations (Part 6):

The background story of the derelict donkey stable: https://youtu.be/8ZpQWH7Djz4

We are seeking help by donations and by viewers SHARING this series of videos.

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Pledge through various tier levels to receive different 'thank you/ Gratitude Gifts': Pledge from 5 Euros per month to receive a 'Thank You' E-mail and at the end of the year of pledges – a 'Poster of Gratitude'. Other tiers of pledges include: – Annual Newsletter. – Dedicate or name a tree on our land. – Two nights complimentary stay at our B and B in Cyprus. – Private tours of our garden/land. – Guided walking tour of our abandoned village. – Your name shown in our credits. – Two nights complimentary stay in our self catering accommodation for up to four people. – Welcome gift on arrival. – Private basic seasonal tutorial. – Guided horse trekking around our rural remote village.

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We are also asking for volunteers for 'work away' – exchanging accommodation here for 3 hours work each day.

Work Away (Find us listed under Olive Farm Retreat, Cyprus) workaway.info



To stay with us at our bed and breakfast – view more pictures, full details and to book see our
Airbnb Listing:


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